FA Charter Standard Club

Hornsea Town was awarded the prestigious FA Charter Mark in 2004 by demonstrating it’s commitment to the provsion of quality grassroots football in the community.

The FA Charter Standard Clubs programme, supported by FA Community Partner McDonald's, was launched in February 2001 and is a core component of The FA Football Development programme. Its aims are to assist and support grassroots clubs in raising standards of football provison across all ages from mini soccer through youth levels up to adult football.

The FA, in conjunction with various bodies, has drawn up the following set of criteria for clubs wishing to reach Charter Standard:

  • A written constitution.
  • Self-certified screening of managers, coaches and officials
  • Commitment to attend in-service training workshops.
  • A Code of Conduct.
  • Commitment to provide Mini-Soccer opportunities for U10's
  • Child Protection training.
  • Promote schools liaison & equal opportunities for all.

Benefits Clubs that are successful in achieving the Charter Mark get access to a range of benefits. First and foremost is the prestige the award gives to the club and is a benchmark that conveys ‘a quality of standards’ to anyone wishing to become a member of that club.

HT-Child Protection Policy.pdf HT-Child Protection Policy.pdf
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HT-Health & Safety Policy.pdf HT-Health & Safety Policy.pdf
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HT-Sports Equity Policy.pdf HT-Sports Equity Policy.pdf
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HT-Codes of Conduct.pdf HT-Codes of Conduct.pdf
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